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As the community desides we starting with tenDEI in the first place. Here is how you get the DEI token.
You can mint DEI for BUSD at a ratio of 1:1.
DEI is a stable coin.
Contract DEI: 0xDE12c7959E1a72bbe8a5f7A1dc8f8EeF9Ab011B3

How to get DEI

Make sure your MetaMask is connected with BSC chain
  1. 1.
    Choose Chain
Change Chain to BSC if needed
1.1 Add BSC (if needed)
Add BSC Chain if needed
2. Approve BUSD
Click on approve
2.1 Approve on Meta Mask
Click on Confirm
3. Mint
Click on Mint
3.1. Mint on Meta Mask
Click on Confirm