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Testnet Guide

Contract Addresses

Teneo BNB

tenBNB: 0x6602e3421F5710EC4f43776b6e5404Bd944C7d25 BNB:tenBNB - Pancake LP: 0x9c9c6efdc9cd861ec9a2e7bc451b1b8f2c230451
BUSD:tenBNB - Pancake LP: 0xd00869f4a3ce76ccd4fb9811a9e405176746f2c9

Teneo BUSD

The BUSD token has to be added at the Testnet Pancake Swap page manually and not with the BUSD symbol in the dropdown menu. You have to insert the contract address from below. The BNB can be chosen from the dropdown menu.
BUSD: 0xed24fc36d5ee211ea25a80239fb8c4cfd80f12ee tenBUSD: 0x3924f653c501bf7de24A66827513B73412e1bee7 BUSD:tenBUSD - Pancake LP: 0xe2c7bedb0d71a8def02961189292873dd977f788
BNB:tenBUSD - Pancake LP: 0x617f4a08dde5550516f4c2103132bc03eaf2a350

1. Adding BSC Testnet to your Metamask

2. Get Testnet Token

On https://testnet.binance.org/faucet-smart you can get Testnet BNB or BUSD

3. Swap

Swap on https://app.teneo.finance/swap - BNB->tenBNB or - BUSD->tenBUSD

4. Add Liquidity

BNB selected
  • Choose BNB or BUSD in the upper section (if you want add BUSD you also have to add BUSD manually - address above) depending on what you want add
Please insert the token contract addresses manually (not from the drop-down menu by clicking)
After inserting the address
  • At "Select a currency" you have to add the tenXXX contract manually (look above)
BNB->tenBNB with filled in amount
  • Insert an amount
  • Click "Approve" (may be buggy, see hint below)
  • Click "Supply" and "Confirm Supply"
Pancake Swap is buggy sometimes, so you have to click outside and inside the inputs or wait a little after the approval.

4. Staking

On https://app.teneo.finance/farm you can stake your tokens in multiple different pools:
All pools
You have multiple options: single staking (first) and regular staking (second and third)
In the left column you can see the token which is a part of all staking pools which are listed in the middle column. In the right column the APY and the total value locked for all pools combined are displayed.
If you click on a pool group, you can see all pools within the group:
The second pool group unfolded
There you can see all pools, like for example BNB:tenBNB. Here your deposits, your balance and the APY is displayed.
If you click on this pool, you can see various buttons to interact with the staking pool:
Ways to interact with the BNB:tenBNB pool
The red buttons are all connected to the input field on their left side. The "MAX"-Buttons insert the maximum value possible into the input field.
On the left side two new pool specific values are displayed: "Total Staked" and "Earned Rewards". The first one shows the total token amount that has been deposited, the latter shows the earned rewards through the staking.
All Buttons explained:
  • Deposit
    • Your Liquidity Pool token get deposited into the staking pool
    • MAX: "Your balance"
    • Counterpart to "Withdraw"
  • Withdraw
    • The deposited tokens will be withdrawn back to your wallet
    • MAX: "Total Staked"
    • Counterpart to "Deposit"
  • Claim Rewards
    • The earned rewards will be claimed to your wallet
    • MAX: "Earned Rewards"
  • Redeem:
    • All of the staked tokens and rewards are claimed to your wallet
    • Combination of "Withdraw" and "Claim Rewards"