Teneo Finance
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⛓⚖️ AMM ⚖️⛓

Explains the Automated Market Maker of the tenXXX Tokens.

⚖️Automated Market Makers⚖️

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) makes sure that there is one place where tenXXX can be swapped to XXX back and forth to a ratio of ~1:1 at any time.

🌟🔥 Mint/Burn or Lock/Unlock 🔒🔓

Every time someone locks a XXX Token into the AMM there will be minted a tenXXX token. Every time someone unlocks a XXX they need a tenXXX which is burned at this moment. There is also a fee (at the beginning minting: 1.6% burning: 0.6%) for the DAO Wallet. This fee will be taken away after minting or before burning a tenXXX token. That means there will never be more tenXXX Tokens minted than locked XXX tokens in the AMM.