Teneo Finance
πŸ’± tenXXX Tokens πŸ’±
Explains the behavior of tenXXX Tokens

Pegged Tokens

A tenXXX Token is like WBTC. It is a packed/wrapped token and has the same price as the underlying token at any time.
The XXX is a synonym for any token, there will be many pegged tokens like: tenBNB:BNB tenETH:ETH tenBUSD:BUSD ... Just choose your favorite token as a tenXXX Token and earn rewards by hodling. πŸ’ŽπŸ‘©β€πŸŒΎ

Currently existing tenXXX tokens:

πŸš€ Deflationary Single Staking for $TEN πŸš€ πŸ“œ Contract: 0xAb887Edaf53570dd212E94CecdA38B7c165420b5 πŸ’±tenBUSDπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0xCb870e03fBCad0e8e70d13CE24Cd23E9f78E7D2f πŸ’±tenDEIπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0x6D82ACBB502cC22905E17A9c4da8D4A8B743305B πŸ’±tenETHπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0x5D19Dd1482B7d2262327bd7a4Dc88862a4D4a2CD πŸ’±tenBTCBπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0xA01BE845f95447110082797267AeCcA1DE4047BF πŸ’±tenBNBπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0xfE55EaD876A85b84E125De26fF5086d7eB99BD14 πŸ’±tenCAKEπŸ’±
πŸ“œ Contract: 0x98Dc696e34600C09FE74d84DB1Fc57f13E33DA10

πŸ’± Transaction fees

The main difference to WBTC is a RFI-like transaction fee. In the beginning, it will be 1.1% but it may change to find the perfect number for the advantage of the ecosystem. The transaction fee is redistributed by reflows to all tenXXX holders. These reflows automatically appear in the wallet balances and in the liquidity pools.
A small amount will go to the DAO wallet. At the beginning it will be 0.2%. So 1% taken for the reflow and 0.2% taken for the DAO wallet. These transaction fees may change over time. They will be adjusted to find the perfect balance between fees and trading volume.

πŸ’² Reflows

Every time the collected fees are one ten thousandths of the netto supply (supply - collected fees / 10000) a global multiplier will be increased.
At this moment, it's not shown in the wallet. It will be displayed at the moment where someone mints/burns tenXXX Tokens through the AMM, someone calls the _reflow() method of the contract or someone compounds his wallet. Also, the liquidity pools on the DEXs will be synchronized to get a new exchange ratio based on the reflows. The AMM ratio still stays the same.